The cause of Philanthropy, of Humanity, of Liberty and human happiness throughout the world, called loudly on every man who can, to aid Texas... Daniel W. Cloud (Alamo defender)

And they came. Men, women and children travelled to Texas to carve out
a civilized land from the wilderness. The story of Texas is the collected
stories of these people. This site is dedicated to those brave people.
They made history: some good, some bad, some with a huge impact,
some with little. In discovering their experiences, we can gleam Life Lessons
that will aid all of us in our journey through life. Visit us frequently as this
Journey through History grows. Feel free to offer suggestions and links.

C. David Pomeroy, Jr.

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The journey begins:

San Jacinto Campaign of the Texas Revolution in 1836

Pasadena, the Early Years, a local history

Other Sites of Interest

Archeology in Texas History

North Carolina connection to the Texas Revolution

San Jacinto Day events

Living History Skills

Texas Army, A Living History Group

Pomerosa Press listing of bibliographies



Beyond my interest in local history I have a couple of other passions. In order to share those with friends I am reserving this lower portion for those topics. All are welcome to explore and even share. Now retired, my life is expanding to new levels of enjoyment and fulfillment. Life is Good.

But FIRST, my wife Cait just launched her new website, Mint Condition Herb Farm, in preparation for the publishing of her long promised cookbook inspired by the Farm, Nursery and Cooking School she owned a long time ago in Seabrook, Texas. Fortunately I am the food tester (i.e. quality control) for all of the recipes. Glad I have a weekly gym trainer to keep those possible pounds off. Good Luck Cait on your new adventure, I love you.

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