A Living History Skills series by Colonel Jerry Tubbs

One purpose for a gathering is to have fun, but the main reason for an encampment, for me, is to educate the public.
We all have spent a great deal of time and money developing our 19th century appearance. I am sure many of us have searched through antique shops, flea markets, suttler catalogs, guns shops, etc. for that special accessory that we just cannot live without. We take pride in having something in our camp or on our person that catches the eye of our fellow reenactors and perhaps makes them just a little jealous

When we are done all we have created is only a visual image, a hollow shell of a19th century person. We work and play in a modern world except for those few hours we spend reenacting during the year. It is extremely hard to escape our 20th century mindset but as reenactors we have an obligation to the public to present a true impression of 19th century life. We have spent our lives learning to be a modern day person so how can we hope to develop a 19th century persona as real as our "real" self?

What are the components of a "persona", if we are to be comfortable with the person we portray? This person should ideally be as much like modern day selves as possible. They should be about the same age as you are. Even practice the same skill you do for a living, i.e. doctor, lawyer, clergy etc. Know the year you were born. Be proud of your age since not many lived to late adulthood in the 19th century. If you are just starting out, don't try to be or be related to a famous person as this makes interpretation much easier and you do not need to know details that the public might know. If your family is involved, use their names and current ages. Being familiar with them will make remembering as to whom is who much easier than having to remember made up names.

Know about yourself and your family. Where did you come from, by what method of transportation did you travel here, why are you here and what is your station in life. What is your attitude toward the Mexican government? Depending on the year you are portraying, are you for independence or are you in favor of staying with Mexico?

Once you have decided on your persona, busy yourself with camp chores. By opening a little of yourself and sharing what you are good at will bring many rewards. Demonstrating a skill will provide an opportunity to impress some one watching and there by influence them in a positive way. Much is to be said for a re-enactor who presents the truest image, has the most correct period-look gear, and presents the most authentic aura. When a person's clothing and camp gear is used over and over again, it takes on an authentic image. As your clothes become stained, torn and tattered, your appearance will become more believable to the public. These were hard times in Texas and pristine appearance will not convey the overall believability of you persona. Read original documents, read interpretations, read anything available you can find and then try to bring all of these things together to create a realistic persona. Do not just read your sources once, but instead read them a second and even a third time. As you do this you be able to gleam new ideas and improve on ones self. Thoughtful preparation of your clothes as well as your mind will make you ready to answer the questions presented.

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