Battle of San Jacinto

Filming for the History Channel on January 31, 2004

To be aired on the History Channel on July 17, 2004 as "Texas, Great American State"


The Texian Army surprised the Mexican Army with blasts from the Twin Sisters

After the first shots where fired the Texians charged, yelling "Remember the Alamo, Remember Goliad"

Caught off-guard, the Mexicans tried to rally a response.


The out-numbered Texians charged into the face of danger, confident in their cause.

At the Mexican barracade the hand to hand combat was intense, and brief.

In 18 minutes the battle had been won as the remaining Mexican army fled the field, along with Gen. Santa Anna.

The next day Santa Anna, diguised as a common soldado, was taken prisoner. The Texians wanted to hang him, but General Houston wanted a nation, so a treaty was signed and Texas became a Republic.

Photos courtesy of Robin Green, Ed Boyd, John Baker, David Pomeroy, Texas Parks & Wildlife and CT & Andrew.

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