Roster of the Texas Army of 1836

"Their actions were recorded in BLOOD - their names should be written in GOLD"

at the time of the Battle at San Jacinto, April 21, 1836. Those that were on the field at San Jacinto are marked with the symbol [SJ] and those that were located at the rear guard and sick camp at Harrisburg are marked with the symbol [HB]. If these men were also participants in other events, or closely associated with those events, they will also be noted with appropriate symbols: [GN] for the Gonzales confrontation, [SB] for the seige of Bexar, [A] for the Alamo prior to the final assault and [GL] for Goliad. There were other members of the Texas Army that were on other duties at the time and their names will be added at a later date. As this is a "work in progress," changes will be made as more information comes to light. If you have information on any of these people, please share that information so that we may add it to this database. Contributions and queries are welcome. updated 5.11.03