Recreating The Texian Persona

A Living History Skills series by Colonel Jerry Tubbs

The purpose of this series of articles is not to judge but, hopefully, assist those who are involved in recreating Texas history, to take a step back and look at themselves, their surroundings and ask, "Is my persona believable to the public?" There are several terms to describe what we do; historical re-enactor, living history interpreter or even experimental archeologist. A historical re-actor can best be described as a person that creates a persona accurate to the time period they are portraying. They are usually close in accuracy to their person but will use modern conveniences when ever possible. A living history interpreter is someone employed to educate the public but not speaking in a first person character. They will usually be found at a living history farm, settlement, etc where the focus is on taking the public on a tour while explaining the exhibits. Experimental archeologist is a term used to describe an individual who will forsake all modern items and experience first hand the way it was for a person to live and survive on a day-to-day basis according to the time period he or she is studying. This usually requires living from days to weeks at a time in a setting fitting their studies in order to practice the skills used by our forefathers. To me these terms all fall into the same category: a person who by the best of their knowledge and ability recreate a particular time in history and present him or herself in an authentic manner. Those that are satisfied with just parading around in their buckskins, broadcloth and hoop dresses are not only depriving the public but themselves, as well, of a chance to capture a moment in time. Having confidence in knowing that you are accurate in your persona will make talking to the public more rewarding, and answering their questions much easier.

Creating a Character

Is That Gun Real?

What's in the Bag?

You need an Edge

What's Cooking?

Lighting up the Night

Keeping an Eye on the Sky

Getting Started

Then & Now

What type of Primitive Shelter is best for you?


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