The Pomeroy Family


   Anna Louise Kresta Pomeroy was born in Austria (13 January 1866) and immigrated to Texas around 1882. She married Edward Payson Pomeroy in Galveston and with their son John moved to Pasadena in 1901. They lived in the house that served as the first post office. When Payson died in 1906 she had son John build 204 S. Main for $1081.62 with her widow's allowance. She took in school teachers as roomers & boarders and got wives for both her son John and her grandson Edward. She prevented Houston from annexing Pasadena. Anna passed away 23 November 1946.
   John Edward Pomeroy was born in Galveston, Texas (7 January 1889) and survived the Hurricane of 1900 with his parents Payson and Anna Pomeroy. He attended the Pasadena school. With a little business education he took over the family business. Like his father, he served on the school board and supported education. He married Gertrude McMaster 6 June, 1911 in Deepwater (now a part of Pasadena). With is brother-in-law Clyde McMaster John formed McMaster & Pomeroy Water Well Drilling Company in 1912 and drilled over 2,000 water wells in the state, including the first municipal water wells in Pasadena. He served as a deacon in the church and on the Board of Directors of the local bank. John died 6 January, 1980.
   Gertrude Lucinda McMaster Pomeroy was born in Union Bluff, Hill County, Texas (5 September 1888) and came to Pasadena in 1908 to teach school. She roomed & boarded at Anna Louise Pomeroy's new house. She won the heart of young John and they were married in 6 June 1911. She gave up teaching and gave the community four children, all born at home in Pasadena. She was very active in the Baptist Church and was known for her decorated parties. Gertrude passed away in her home of 74 years on 9 April 1985 at 96 years of age.
   Anna Marguerite Pomeroy was the first Pomeroy child, born in 1912. She, like the others, were born in the front bedroom of the Pomeroy house. Dr. Denman from Harrisburg would take his buggy out just before the bady was due and spend time "in the country" until the baby was born. Marguerite was a very active child and learn to play the piano. Her father would accompany her with his violin. Marguerite married Frederick Seip in 1934 and presented her parents with their first grandchild.
   John Edward Pomeroy, Jr. was born two years after his sister Marguerite. In high school he played on the first football team and also was the first drummajor of the band. He was left for dead after an automobile accident, but survived. School teacher Loise Williams was hired to help him finish his high school degree. After graduation he married Loise in 1932. Loise continued to teach and Edward went to work with his father in the waterwell drilling business as well as in the local refinery industry. He served in the Army during World War II.
   Bessie Evelyn Pomeroy was the third child born in the home. She was very popular in high school. She went to Baylor University and got a teaching certificate. She taught school briefly and was the last of the Pomeroy children to marry. Married to Walter Eugene Stack in 1940 and they have four wonderful children. Both of her daughters became teachers.
   Clyde David Pomeroy was the "baby" of the family. He hunted for eggs that the chickens would hide around the yard and have his grandmother bake him a cake. In high school he played sports and ran four touchdowns in one game. Although married in 1940 to Mary Marguerite Pomeory and the father of two children, he volunterred for the Navy in World War II. Of course, his nickname was "Tex."

Others associated with the house

   Edward Payson Pomeroy was born in Connecticut state (3 January 1832) and came to Galveston as an engineer. He met & married the young Austrian girl, Anna Louise Kresta. Payson retired and started Metropolitan Milk Company. With what was left after the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 he moved his family inland, settling in Pasadena in 1901. He ran for the Texas House of Representatives and studied for the law in his spare time. He served on the school board and was the first person buried in the newly formed Crown Hill Cemetery in 1906 (23 October 1906).
   Walter Clyde McMaster as an older brother to Gertrude McMaster. He worked in the Spindletop oil field and moved to Deepwater to operate the pumps for the rice farming operation there. He joined his brother-in-law John Pomeroy in forming McMaster & Pomeroy Water Well Company in 1912. Occasionally they would drill oil wells. Clyde was the politician in the family and served as Mayor of the young community for four terms during the Depression. John Pomeroy & Clyde McMasters had the first two bath tubs in Pasadena.

Four Generations of Pasadenans

Taken in 1941, the four generations include Anna Loise Pomeroy (mother), John Edward Pomeroy (son), Clyde David Pomeroy (grandson) and C. David Pomeroy, Jr. (great-grandson)

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