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May 1, 2003

John Pomeroy built a home in the summer of 1908 for his recently widowed mother, Anna Louise Pomeroy. John married Gertrude McMaster in 1911 and children began to populate the large house. Anna arrived in 1912 followed by Edward in 1914. The came Bessie in 1920 and Clyde in1922. John decided he needed to build a separate house for his mother next door. Their homes and business were located in the heart of the community and witnessed its growth. The Pomeroys participated in the development of the school system, the churches, the agricultural business, the industrial business, local government and civic institutions. In 1986 the houses on the family homestead where donated to the City of Pasadena for historical and cultural purposes. Since other historical structures were to be moved to the property in order to concentrate the historical assets of the community, the property was designated the Pasadena Heritage Park. On June 10, 2000 the first phase of the Heritage Park was opened, the John & Gertrude Pomeroy House. Anna's house followed as did the Parks house and the prairie home styled original museum building. Follow the links to learn more about this exciting project and its progress.


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