Jenkins' Basic Texas Books
plus a few other recent publications
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Frehrenbach, T. R., Lone Star, New York, American Legacy Press, 1983 (copyrighted 1968) (Not in Jenkins)

Filisola, Vincente, Evacuation of Texas: …,Columbia, G. & T. H. Borden, 1837. (Several later editions including Texian Press in 1965 and Graphic Ideas in 1970) (J-61) A

Filisola, Vincente, Memoirs of the History of the War in Texas, Austin, Eakin Press, 1968, 2 vol. (J-62) A

Foote, Henry Stuart, Texas and the Texans; or, Advance of ..., Philadelphia, Thomas, Cowperthwait Co., 1841; Austin, Steck (facsimile), 1935.(J-63) A

Forbes, John versus Nicholas D. Labadie, "the San Jacinto Campaign of 1836 as given by depositions in the District Court of Nacogdoches Count, Exas, 1860.

Ford, John Salmon., Rip Ford's Texas, Austin, U. of Texas Press, 1963.(J-64) C

Friend, Llerena Beaufort, Sam Houston: The Great Designer, Austin, U. of Texas Press, 1954; Austin, U. of Texas Press (paperback), 1969. (J-66) A (most scholarly)

Gaillardet, Theodore Frederic, Sketches of Early Texas and Louisiana, Austin, U. of Texas Press, 1966; Austin, U. of Texas Press, (paperback), n.d.. (J-67) B

Gourge, William M, The Fiscal History of Texas,…, Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co, 1852. (J-77) A

Gray, William Fairfax, From Virginia to Texas, 1835..., Houston, Gray, Dillaye Co., 1909; Houston, Fletcher (facsimile), 1965. (J-79) A

Haley, James L., Sam Houston, (Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 2002) (Published after Jenkins)

Hardin, Stephen L., Texian Iliad, (Austin, University of Texas Press, 1994) (Published after Jenkins)

Huson, Hobart, Refugio: A Comprehensive History of Reguio County from Aboriginal Times to 1953, 2 vol., Woodboro, Tx, The Rooke Foundation, Inc., 1953-1955. (J-101) A (Vol. 1 contains period information)

Huson, Hobart, Captain Phillip Dimmitt's Commandancy of Godliad, 1835-1836, …, Austin, Von Boeckmann-Jones Co, 1974 (J-102) A

James, Marquis, The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston, Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1929; London, Hutchinson co., 1929; New York, Blue Ribbon, 1932; Garden City, Halcyon House, 1949; Garden City, Halcyon House (facsimile), c1957; New York, Paperbak Library (paperback), 1962; Dunwoody, Ga., Berg (facsimile), 1969; Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill (facsimile), 1975; New York, Ballantine (paperback), 1975. (J-103) A

Jenkins, John Holland, Recollections of Early Texas: The Memoirs of ..., Austin, U. of Texas Press, 1958. (J-105) A

Jenkins, John Holland, III, The Papers of the Texas Revolution, 1835-36, Austin, Presidial Press (10 vol.), 1973. (J-106) A

Johnson, Francis White, A History of Texas and Texans, by ... a leader ..., Chicago, American Historical Soc., 1914. (J-109) B

Jones, Anson, Memoranda and Official Correspondence Relating to the Republic of Texas, …, New York, D. Appleton & co, 1859 (J-113) B

Kemp, Louis Wiltz, The Signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Houston, Anson Jones Press, 1944 (J-115) A

Kennedy, William, Texas: Its Geography, Natural History, and Topography, New York, Benj. Young, 1844; New York, Wm. Jackson, 1844; Fort Worth, Molyneaux (facsimile), 1925; Clifton, N.J., A. M. Kelley (facsimile), 1974.(J-117) A

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