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(Texas, General Land Office), An Abstract of the Original Titles of Record in the General Land Office, Houston, National Banner Office - Niles & co, 1838. (J204) A

Tyler, Ron and Douglas E. Barnett, Roy R. Barkley, Penelope C. Anderson, and Mark F. Odintz (eds), The New Handbook of Texas, 6 vols.; Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996 (replaced Webb, J-213).

Urrea, Jose, Diario de las Operaciones …, Victoria de Durango: Imprenta del Govierno a Cargo de Manuel Gonzales, 1838. (J-207) A. Most of this material appears in Castaneda's The Mexican Side of the Texas Revolution noted above.

unknown, A Visit to Texas, Being the Journal of a Traveller Through ..., New York, Goodrich Wiley, 1834; Also A Visit to Texas......Second Edition, With an Appendix ..., New York, Van Nostrand Dwight, 1836. Also Gray, Robert. S. (ed), A Visit to Texas in 1831: Being the Journal of a Traveller ..., Houston, Cordovan Press, 1975. (J-209) A

Webb, Walter Prescott and H. Bailey Carroll (eds.), The Handbook of Texas, 2 vol., Austin, Texas State Historical Association, 1952. Also Branda, Eldon Stephen (ed.) The Handbook of Texas, a Supplement: volume 3, Austin, Texas State Historical Association, 1976. (J-213) Note that these three volumes have been replaced by Tyler (ed.) The New Handbook of Texas, noted above.

Weber, David Joseph, The Mexican Frontier, 1821-1846; The American Southwest under Mexico, Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Press, 1982. (J-214) A

Winfrey, Dorman Hayward and James Milton Day (eds.), Texas Indian Papers, edited from the Original Ms. Copies in the Texas State Archives, 4 volumes, Austin, Texas State Library, 1959-1961. Vol. I pertinent to pre-1845. (J-219) A

Wooten, D. G., A Comprehensive History of Texas, 1685 to 1897, 2 Volumes, Dallas, William G. Scarff, 1898. Includes a complete reprint of Yoakum's History of Texas. (J-221) A
Yanaguana Society Publications, 7 vol. 1937-1942. (J-222) A

Yoakum, H. K., History of Texas from its First Settlement in 1685 to ..., New York, Redfield (2 vol.), 1855; New York, Redfield (2 vol.), 1856; Austin, Steck (2 vol.), 1935; Austin, Steck (2 vol, spl. ed.), 1952; Austin, Steck (1 vol.), n.d. (J-224) A

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