Jenkins' Basic Texas Books
plus a few other recent publications
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Lack, Paul D., The Texas Revolutionary Experience, College Station, Texas A & M University Press, 1992, second printing 1996 (Published after Jenkins)

Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte, The Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar, Austin, Von Beoeckmann-Jones (6 vol.), 1921; Austin, Pemberton (facsimile, 6 vol. in 7), 1968; New York, AMS Press, (facsimile, 6 vol.), 1973. (J-118) A

Lane, Walter Paye, The Adventures and Recollections of General Walter P. Lane, …., Marshall, TX, Tri-Weekly Herald Job Print, 1887 (J-119) A

Lawrence, A. B., Texas in 1840, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New ......., New York, W. W. Allen, 1840; New York, Arno Press (facsimile), 1973. Also (2) Lawrence, A. B., Texas in 1842, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New....., New York, W. W. Allen, 1842. Also (3) Lawrence, A. B., A History of Texas, or the Emigrant's Guide to the New...., New York, Nafis Cornish, 1844. (J-120) B

Leclerc, Frederic, "Texas and Its Revolution," Richmond, Southern Literary Messenger (Vol. VII, Nos. V, VI (1st Engl. ed.)), 1841. AKA Leclerc, F., Texas and Its Revolution, Houston, Anson Jones Press, 1950. (J-122) B

Lester, Charles Edwards, The Life of Sam Houston (The Only authentic Memoir....), New York, J. C. Berby, 1855; Philadelphia, Evans (reprint), 1860; Philadelphia, Davis, Porter... (reprint), 1866; Philadelphia, Potter (reprint), 1867; Freeport (NY), Books for Lib. (facsimile), 1972. AKA Lester, C. E., Life Achievements of Sam Houston, Hero Statesman, New York, Hurst Co., 1883; New York, Alden (reprint), 1883. Also Day, D. (ed), The Autobiography of Sam Houston , Norman, U. of Okla Press, 1972.
(J-126) A

Linn, John Joseph, Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas, New York, published by the Author by D & J. Sadlier & Co, 1883. Also Linn, John Joseph, Reminiscences of Fifty Years in Texas, Austin, State House Press, 1986 reprint of 1883 ed. (J-127) A

Lockhart, John Washington, Sixty Years on the Brazos; the Life and Letters of Dr. John Washington Lockhart, 1824-1900. Los Angeles, Privately printed with the help of Press of Dunn Bros, 1930. (J-128) A

Lubbock, Francis Richard, Six Decades in Texas; or, Memoirs of ..., Austin, B. C. Jones Co., 1900; Austin, Pemberton (facsimile), 1968. (J-130) A

McLean, Malcolm Dallas, Papers Concerning Robertson's Colony in Texas, Fort Worth, Texas Christian University Press (Vol. 1-3) and Arlington, The UTA Press, the University of Texas at Arlington, 1974-1986, 13 volumes to date. (J-133) A

Maillard, Nicholas Doran P., The History of the Republic of Texas, from the discovery..., London, Smith, Elder Co., 1842. (J-134) B

Miller, Thomas Lloyd, Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas, 1835-1888, Austin, University of Texas Press, 1967. (J-144) A

Muir, Andrew Forest, Texas in 1837: An Anonymous, Contemporary Narrative, Austin, U. of Texas Press, 1958; Austin, U. of Texas Press (paperback), 1958. (J-148) A

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